Dr. Wu

The Board


Dr Minzhi Wu is the founder and CEO of Magnetworld AG.

His over 30 years of experience in magnetic materials, magnetic engineering, various publications in this field as well as numerous patents are the guarantee for the success of Magnetworld AG.

Together with his employees, he strives to keep the company’s expertise at the highest level and offer premium quality concepts and solutions. The portfolio offered by his international company ranges from standardised to customised products, from the pilot phase through to series production.

Excited by physical bipolarity, Dr Wu is inspired by this natural property of magnetism to research creative and fascinating application possibilities with magnets, which are ultimately used in precise applications in industry.

The challenge lies in aligning the balance and the usability of both poles.


In a figurative sense, Magnetworld AG's actions are based on an even allocation, for example, between innovation and implementation, price and performance, optimization and process reliability, through to social commitment and economic efficiency.

Dr. Wu is convinced that magnets have a great future ahead of them. The importance as well as the possibilities of magnetic energy are perceived by mankind rather subconsciously, the manifold applicability by far not fully exploited yet!

Comparable with the optical technology, he foresees great application waves for the magnet technology.

The future will become reality.

Let us inspire you!

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