Gesinterte AlNiCo Magnete

AlNiCo magnet - sintered

The main raw materials for AlNiCo magnets are iron, aluminum (~9%), nickel (~13%) and cobalt (~24%). In addition, various other elements are added. Two different production techniques are used: the pouring technique and the sintering technique. They are also available as plastic-bound magnets.
The finished magnet is very hard and can be further processed only by using diamond tools or the erosion process. AlNiCo magnets are characterised by a high corrosion resistance. They have an extremely low (negative) temperature coefficient and can be used at temperatures ranging from -250 to +500°C. Depending on the alloy, the remanence of AlNiCo magnets lies between approximately 0.70 - 1.2 Tesla. The coercive field strength of 50 -150 kA/m is approximately 10 times smaller than of NdFeB magnets.

AlNiCo magnets are characterized by good corrosion resistance. They have a very low (negative) temperature coefficient and can be used at temperatures from -250 to +500°C. This makes these magnets ideally suited for use in high-temperature applications.

The remanence of AlNiCo magnets is between approx. 0.70 Tesla and 1.1 Tesla, depending on the alloy. The remanence is thus comparable to that of NdFeB magnets.

However, the coercivity of 50 - 150 kA/m is about a factor of 10 smaller than that of NdFeB magnets.

AlNiCo magnets are also available as plastic bonded magnets.

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