Gesinterte NdFeB-Magnete

Sintered NdFeB magnet

Sintered NdFeB magnets are the most powerful magnets. Compared with conventional magnets e.g.: AlNiCo or hard ferrites, NdFeB magnets offer
the tenfold power density. The excellent magnetic characteristics of sintered NdFeB magnets are based on the strong magnetic matrix phase Nd2Fe14B (tetragonal structure), with a very high saturation magnetization Bs (Bs = 1.6 T) and a high magnetic anisotropic field strength Hcj of up to 41 kOe.
The current energy product from NdFeB magnet's reaches up to 55 MGOe. This achievement opened a wide field of new application possibilities for the material.

Most frequent applications of sintered NdFeB magnets are:

  • Electroacoustics: Loudspeaker, headphone, microphones
  • Engines & generators: Stepping motors, servo actuators & DC machines
  • Sensor technology, measuring technique
  • Magnetic clutches
  • Magnetic separation
  • MRI equipment
  • Hard disk drive assemblies

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