Gebundene SmCo-Magnete

SmCo magnet – bonded

Plastic-bonded SmCo magnets are formed into tools by means of compressing a mixture made of SmCo-powder and synthetic resin. Bonded pressed magnets are able to fabricate in complex shapes. These magnets achieve highest form tolerances, making a further shaping process unnecessary.
Plastic-bonded SmCo magnets themselves have a relatively high corrosive resistance to environmental influences. No further coating is necessary.
Due to the isotropy, the plastic bonded magnets can be magnetized in different directions.

The remanence of SmCo magnets is between approx. 0.40 Tesla and 0.80 Tesla, depending on the alloy. It is thus about half as high as that of NdFeB magnets. However, the coercivity of 400 - 880 kA/m is about a factor of 3 smaller than that of NdFeB magnets.

SmCo magnets have a low (negative) temperature coefficient and can be used at temperatures up to +250°C.

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