HAMOD measurement system magnetic quality

A high accuracy measurement system in real-time for surface magnetic field, visualization of magnetic field distribution and inhomogeneity base on magneto-optical sensor, especially for dipole and multipole magnets, encoder, debit and credit cards etc.

HAMOD – Technical Data:

  • Principle: MO sensor, polarization-filter and CMOS camera enable the visualization of the magnetic field
  • Visualization the magnet field distribution and polarity, in 3D representation
  • Determination the field strength
  • Visualization the inhomogeneity of magnet field and material failure like cracks on the surface and inside
  • Measuring range: 0,05 – 180 kA/m
  • Sensor size: up to 45x60mm
  • Geometric resolution: 25μm to 10μm
  • Measuring time: 1s
  • Robust measuring and analysis software
  • USB interface with standard PC
  • Implementation the system in a automation process possible

Hamod in 3D

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