MagCheck precise measurement system

An innovative precise measurement system in real-time for magnetic moment and magnetization angle error by multisensory measuring technology, suitable for quality control for different type of permanent magnets.

MagCheck – technical Data

  • Determination of magnetic moment in range 0.001 – 10.00 Am2 with accuracy of ±1.0%
  • Determination of magnetization error angle with accuracy of ±0.5° to ±0.1°
  • Determination of the direction of magnetization
  • Determination of the north-south-error
  • Calibration of complete measurement system
  • Calculation of the remanence
  • Compensation of temperature influence
  • Measuring time < 1s
  • Measuring software on standard PC
  • Automatic storage of measurement data with measurement protocols
  • Adaption to different magnet geometries by measuring adapter
  • Compact design of device
  • USB interface
  • SAP interface
  • Implementation of the system in an automation process with I/O module possible
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