EFRE Förderung

FTI / EFRE 2016 VF 0032


Demonstration of magnetic drug delivery to the eye: development, assembly and testing of magnetic field application for targeted drug delivery using magnetic nanoparticles.


ZIM Projekt with PTB

Development of a measuring device for measuring magnetic properties of permanent magnets in closed magnetic circuit, as well as eddy current loss detection in permanent magnet excited synchronous machines.

With our own R&D team and partners

from industry and research, we focus on more innovation in product and material development and thus drive Magnet 4.0 of the magnet industry.

- Precise magneto-optical and multi-sensor measurement technologies for 100% fully automatic magnet testing.
- Smart magnet with built-in sensors
- Soft magnet composite (SMC) as a replacement for sheet metal packages and rare earth magnets
- High-temperature superconductor (HTSL) as next-generation permanent magnet

R&D and investment projects are supported by

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