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Serial and consignment warehouse

We have several warehouses from which you can retrieve your serial product within a few days.

Thus, a smooth and timely delivery is guaranteed when granting a framework contract.

Of course, we are also able to deliver to a consignment warehouse.

Assembly of assemblies

The assembly of assemblies with magnets is often manual labor and requires logistical effort.

We take this effort off, and deliver a customer-specific assembly according to the specifications of our customers.


That is possible:

  • Determination of the magnetic moment remanence (Br) with protocol

  • Measurement of the magnetization angle with protocol

  • Evaluation of the parameters with protocol

  • Automated storage of the determined characteristics in a file

  • Integration of the measuring system into existing inline module with I / O module possible

  • By means of an embedded PC module, the measuring system can be accessed via an Ethernet interface

We will provide you with an ideal offer for measuring your magnets. We are happy to advise you also when it comes to the purchase of the measuring system MagCheck.

Calibration MagCheck

You have purchased a MagCheck from us and now need it calibrated?

No problem!

We calibrate your MagCheck with associated protocol quickly and easily for you.

We are happy to provide you with a transport box for the safe shipment of sensitive technology.

Transport box for MagCheck

Your MagCheck should be safely and easily transported from A to B?

We have the solution!

Get a tailor-made transport box for your Magcheck from us.

Just ask our colleague Mr Pünsch.

He is happy to advise you.

document creation

The following logs are created by us:

  • Product Data Sheets

  • Initial sampling with protocol according to VDA

  • IMDS entry

  • Safety Data Sheets

  • Licenses for licensed material

  • PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)

  • APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)

  • EMPB (initial sample test report)

  • 3D and 8D report

  • Custom measurements with protocol

Analysis Magnetic Fields & Materials


We can do that with the measuring system Hamod:

  • Analysis of magnetic fields and structures with protocol

  • Detect impurities and cracks in the material

  • Evaluation with log and high-resolution images

  • Intergartion possible in manufacturing process

We are happy to analyze your magnets. We will gladly prepare an optimal offer for you. If you have interest in our HAMOD, we are happy to advise you.


Gluing offers a number of advantages compared to conventional bandaging and is particularly suitable for three applications in the electric motor:

  • Connection of magnets and laminated core,

  • Connection of magnets and shafts or rotors

  • Connection of magnets and stator and housing

In addition to the compensation of larger manufacturing tolerances and the avoidance of friction or contact corrosion adhesives are impact resistant, which is essential for the high dynamic forces in electric motors.

Their damping effect reduces vibration noise.

Thanks to their homogeneous stress distribution, they compensate for thermal stress, which can occur, for example, with different coefficients of thermal expansion between stator and housing.

In the case of the wave, they prevent play and slippage due to their gap-bridging properties.

We look forward to your inquiry and support you in the realization of your project.

Magnet calculation and simulation

By using special software we can calculate the magnetic properties in advance or in the current project



Material analysis, Sauberkeys analysis, Resistance testing

With the help of our partner, we will gladly prepare a material analysis, cleanliness analysis or a material testing.

  • Technical cleanliness according to VDA 19 / ISO 16232

  • Salt spray tests (DIN EN ISO 9227 NSS / AASS / CASS)

  • material analysis

  • layer analysis

Just contact us.

100% controll

Not only in the automotive industry counts the top quality but also for you?

We are in the position, as a German full service partner, to carry out a 100% inspection for you.

Our quality assurance therefore takes the in-house test from him, so you can use your product immediately upon receipt, install and save your own testing costs.

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