Assembly of assemblies

The assembly of assemblies with magnets is often manual labor and requires logistical effort.

We take this effort off, and deliver a customer-specific assembly according to the specifications of our customers.

Repair service

You have a defective magent from another manufacturer?
Contact us with confidence, we will help you!



Gluing offers a number of advantages compared to conventional bandaging and is particularly suitable for three applications in the electric motor:

  • Connection of magnets and laminated core,
  • Connection of magnets and shafts or rotors
  • Connection of magnets and stator and housing

In addition to the compensation of larger manufacturing tolerances and the avoidance of friction or contact corrosion adhesives are impact resistant, which is essential for the high dynamic forces in electric motors.

Their damping effect reduces vibration noise.

Thanks to their homogeneous stress distribution, they compensate for thermal stress, which can occur, for example, with different coefficients of thermal expansion between stator and housing.

In the case of the wave, they prevent play and slippage due to their gap-bridging properties.

We look forward to your inquiry and support you in the realization of your project.

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